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Message from the Principal

Greetings from the New Principal

Greetings from the Principal



Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Daryoosh Matsudaira and I was newly appointed principal in April, 2020. In the more than 20 years I have worked at Kanto International Senior High School, I have dedicated myself to the development of International programs including the World School.

Our school has long been committed to the development of International understanding through foreign language education. Since the establishment of an English language department in 1982, we are the first and only school in Japan to have added courses in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese, currently offering 7 language courses.

We are founders of a unique International organization called the “World School” consisting of 21 member schools located around the world and have recently included long-term exchange programs between its member schools.

In addition to our Shibuya main campus, students enjoy a vast, nature filled campus located in Katsuura, Chiba. In Katsuura, Kanto students participate in experiential learning, one of the pillars of our education, through various cultural and intercultural experiences, agricultural activities and lifelong sports such as horseback riding.

Having benefited from the unique learning experiences offered by our school, our alum have gone on to use their intercultural skills in positions of leadership in countries located around the world. As Principal, my mission is to build on and further develop the international education offered by our school. My experienced staff and I are both prepared and excited to take on this challenge and be a part of your learning experience.

Kanto International Senior High School
Daryoosh Matsudaira

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