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HOMEEnglishStudy at Kanto

Study at Kanto

Department of General Education, Japan Culture Course
For non-speakers of Japanese, a special course has been prepared within the Department of General Education where the Japanese High School curriculum is supplemented with intensive Japanese support. Students within this course graduate with a high school diploma and are eligible to continue their studies in Universities in Japan.

If you would like to know more about the admission procedures for students of non-Japanese speaking ability, information can be found here.

For eligibility to first year of high school (starting April 2025),
students’ minimum requirements are:
(1) Submit an original certificate of graduation for the year equivalent to the third year of Junior High School
(2) Be born on or after April 2nd, 2008.
(3) Live with a guardian, within commuting distance from our school.
(4) Possess an English proficiency equivalent to Eiken Pre 2 (CEFR A2) or above.
(5) Students & guardians both need to have residence visa status in Japan.

Interested students and guardians are required to make an appointment to come in for an interview during the months of November and December to assess the student's eligibility for applications.
To contact our school please click here.

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